Garage Equipment

Fireball Paraffin/Diesel Space Heaters

Capable of running on paraffin or diesel, Heavy duty construction, Corrosion resistant stainless steel casing - eliminates rusting and prolongs product life, Fully automatic operation and flame cut out, Easy access to air and fuel filters, Constructed with a tough steel casing, Turbo Fan assisted for optimum heat transfer, Optical flame sensor, Pneumatic direct fired fuel burner, Ideal for use in factories, warehouses, garages and workshops, Fitted with a stainless steel combustion chamber, Clean burning.

Professional Fireball 850

Fireball 850
  • Heat output 78,500 BTU/hr (23.0 KW).
  • Approx heating area 20,000 cu ft (560M2).
  • Approx fuel consumption 1.97 l/hr.
  • Large 21 Litre fuel tank.
  • Wheel mounted.


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