Frequently Asked Questions

Below you find some of the more common question that we are asked here at Griffin Welding & Engineering Supplies, if you cannot find the question you are looking to find an answer to please feel free to give us a call or drop us an email on our contact page here.

  1. If I can't find something on your website does that mean that you DO NOT have it in stock?
    NO we may very well have the item in stock if it's not displayed on the site, we don't display all our stock online due to the fact that we have such a large stock that it would be a full-time job just to keep the website up-dated on a daily basis.
  2. Will I have to wait long if you need to order something in for me?
    We will promise to let you know how long an item will take to get to you before you place any order.
  3. Can I buy your own Branded products any were else? ‚Äč

    Yes we have select stockiests of our own Brand products if you give us a call we will give you your nearest stockiest.